Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Versatile Blogger Awards

Gosh! The fantastic Ella of Gorilla Legs has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award!! Thank you so much, Ella!

Okay, frankly I'm struggling somewhat to think of fifteen blogs to nominate. The thing is, I don't read that many blogs, and instead I mostly look at websites and webcomics. So, here are three blogs that I nominate:
The Frill Seekers
Slightly Biased Manga

Okay, here are seven things about myself:
This was a very unusual scene
  • I have a cat named Sparkle, and a dog named Shippo. The cat is mean yet gorgeous, the dog is a babe.
  • I have played the violin for many year. One composer who's music I like to play is Schubert.

  • I love Karen Kilimnik. Another of my favourite artists is Takashi Murakami.
 The matching shoes, with awesome socks.
  • I own a fairly awesome black and white '80s jumpsuit, which I like well enough to have bought a matching pair of shoes.
  • I go through periods where I discover an objectively terrible crime show, become obsessed with it, watch nearly all of the episodes, and then grow bored with it. This has happened to me so far with Poirot, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order.
  • Speaking of Criminal Minds, I have an entire bookmark folder dedicated to Matthew Gray Gubler. This video is my favourite.
  • I am a fairly good baker. I love the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook.
  • My week has wildly fluctuated between being completely terrible and mostly fine. I'm sure that I will start regularly updating soon, as well as finish that short story of mine. I know that this is like the third post in which I've said this, but technically some of my above facts mentioned two things, so I feel like this is still a list of seven unknown things about me.

Okay, I hope that this list has been somewhat interesting. Thank you again, Ella! Especially for that ultra supportive comment you made on that really sad post of mine. It really cheered me up! (⌒▽⌒)☆


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  2. You are so welcome! Your 7 facts were ultra interesting, and I'm so glad I nominated you! BTW I'm playing a Schubert piece (Adagio) on viola at the moment!!

  3. Hey, found you via Rookie! So yeah, URLs in comments work!
    I would love to talk about art in your comments, but I can't memorize artists' names for the life of me!
    Though, I love your shoes and socks, the socks especially, and the photo of your dog and cat looking at each others.

    1. Thank you for the compliments! If you ever remember any artists names that you'd like to chat about, feel free to comment! My socks are actually stockings, and I love them too. Also, in my picture of my cat and dog, they were actually *sleeping* next to each other. They have a tumultuous relationship most of the time, so when I saw them like that I had to take a picture!